Dock Talk

Our August Heat Derby is heating up!

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - August 15, 2014

Guest Ranjit Baboolal with his 30.4 lb. Tyee and guide Richard Breaukers 

While there is tons of buzz this year surrounding the much anticipated Sockeye run, we can’t forget about our annual August Heat Derby, which is a month-long event where we record the weights for every Chinook brought onto the docks at Painter's Lodge and at April Point. It’s been a pretty exciting race so far, each day consistently delivering Springs in their twenties, and even a couple in the thirties. And with the Tyee Pool growing more fruitful by the day, we're expecting some more Tyee to come our way over the next couple of weeks.

Let’s have a look at some of the largest fish so far:

1st - Ranjit Baboolal – 30.4 lbs. guided by Richard Breaukers

2nd – Alessia Sevastiamo – 30.3 lbs. guided by Richard Breaukers

3rd – Dave Hoover – 26.1 lbs. guided by Ben Pickering

While lucky angler Ranjit Baboolal currently holds the lead and is eligible for our Grand Prize for the largest fish—a 3-Day 2-Night Fishing Package at Painter’s Lodge—every Chinook is eligible for our daily prize for the largest fish. So keep those lines tight, and you could be our winner!  

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