Dock Talk

Lure du Jour

Painter's Lodge - April 25, 2011

There are lots of different ways to fish for Chinook. Most guides use a hoochie and flasher, a spoon or a plug. Some like to use frozen anchovies as bait as well. According to Bear, a Painter’s Guide, you want fish 200-300 feet deep and “find the glory hole.”
This afternoon while talking to the guides about lures, I came across this new plug in Russ’ boat. It’s a plug that imitates the perfect spin of a cut plug herring. You can even open it up and put bait in it if you like. This is perfect for the fisher person that can’t quite get that perfect roll out of their herring.
No matter what bait or time of tide always troll slowly with the tide and most importantly have fun!
~ Caylin