Painter's Lodge - Campbell River, British Columbia, V9W 4S5, Canada
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It's a hot topic... beating the mad scramble of boats leaving the dock to find the very best place to fish. No one wants to be the guy who comes back with nothing, but where do you go to give yourself the best odds? Read on for some insight!

Well, it’s not getting any easier. I’m talking about the decision as to whether you should fish North or whether you should fish South.

If you head North, you have plenty of options depending on the tide and how far you want to run. Thurston Bay and Davis Point will give you a Chinook on pretty much every ebb tide. In fact, it might give you three or four. Fishing either bait or hoochies will produce results and those of you who like to think outside the box might even try a plug.
Greensea Bay is giving up plenty of Springs and Pinks on the second half of the ebb with the lure of choice being an anchovy. Drop it down to either 120 or 140 feet and wait and see what hits it.
Further down at Browns Bay and Deepwater Bay, the fish seem to be biting at all times but the flood tide seems to work the best. Get up early and fish the first light bite with a glow hoochie like a pistaccio and you are sure to get strikes. Again 120 to 140 feet seems to be the hot ticket.
And finally, fishing South of town. This has turned into a bit of a crap shoot with some tides being lights out and others being deadly slow. The key is finding the bait. If you stop at the Hump and there are no herring showing up on your screen, move. Try Francisco Point. If your screen is blank again, pull up stakes and head to the Green Can. Don’t be afraid to search the deeps either, Wednesday morning saw three Tyees to the Painter’s dock, all of them taken in 350 feet of water with 220 to 280 feet of downrigger cable.
So given these factors, the most common question on the dock these days is, “Where are you going?” The most common response, “I’m not sure yet, tell you when I get there.”

Until next week,

Keep on fishin’

Dwayne Mustard