Dock Talk

Little Girl, Big Fish

Painter's Lodge - July 19, 2012

7 year old Adelynn is an only child. Her mother wants her to be a lady while her father wants her to be just like him. Luckily, Adelynn’s parents have the best of both worlds with their daughter; she is a well-spoken, polite and beautiful little girl and, at her ripe young age, she’s already out-fished some grown men. On Wednesday morning Adelynn and her father went fishing and she reeled in a 26.1 lb. salmon.

Adelynn stole the hearts of everyone on the Painter’s dock when they realized that, yes, this fish was hers and she was gung-ho to pick it up for photos. Colour us all impressed! Adelynn was also ready, willing and able to help her guide bag the fish and carry it. Our crew took some great shots of Adelynn and displayed them on the photo board in the main lodge.  All day long guests and crew members were high-fiving her and singing her praises as word spread of her accomplishment.  

On Wednesday evening a large corporate group fished on the PM tide and Adelynn waited on the dock to see how everyone else would do. When one lady presented her 29.7 lb. salmon Adelynn took on the challenge of lifting up this even larger fish. Once she had it in her arms the crowd on the dock roared with applause and she posed for more photos. When the fish finally got too heavy for her she dropped it on the dock and a herring popped out of it’s mouth. If that wasn’t funny enough, Adelynn picked up the herring and without missing a beat walked it over to Salty the seal and fed him the fish stick.

Adelynn was kind enough to leave her photos posted all day so everyone could see. What a superstar! We’re all so proud of her.

See you in a few,