Painter's Lodge - Campbell River, British Columbia, V9W 4S5, Canada
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Tyee Report

It may be very early in the Tyee season but there has already been a Chinook landed in the pool. It wasn’t a Tyee but it weighed in at 18 pounds according to Tyee Weighmaster, Bob Goodwin. Bob and his wife Judy are the officials in residence at the Tyee Clubhouse on Tyee Spit. In addition to being the person who records a Tyee’s official weight, Bob and Judy are also responsible for making sure that all equipment meets the Tyee Club’s strict regulations. As if that isn’t enough responsibility, they also have to sell Tyee Club memberships, fuel the bonfire, make the nightly pot of coffee and sell Tyee Club souvenirs. Bob also has to water all of the lovely flowers that Judy plants.
If you have never been to the Tyee Clubhouse, you should head down there and check it out. Once the domain of a crusty crowd of select upper class international sports anglers, the clubhouse is now the hangout of a bunch of friendly locals and the odd washed-up US college football player. In fact there will probably be someone you know standing beside the fire swapping stories about the big one that got away or whether the best lure to use is a spoon or a plug. Bob and Judy also have a long list of available Tyee guides, so if you have decided that this is the year that you will finally get out Tyee fishing, visiting the Clubhouse is a great place to start.

Until next time, keep on rowing!

Dwayne Mustard

   Guests at Painter's Lodge have been finding success lately. Some are even limiting out, not only Chinook but Lingcod, Coho and even Chum Salmon!

   The photos above are a few good examples of the nice Chinook Salmon that have been caught by our recent guests- and there's some awesome Chum photos worth taking a look at on our Facebook page too! 

   This is the time of year we look forward too, and you can see why. The weather is amazing, the fish are biting and guests swarm the property, basking in the easy going atmosphere while telling stories over a glass of wine or pint of locally brewed beer. 

   That's all for this week's Dock Talk, tell us your latest fish story in the comments on Facebook!