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Among the many things that can, and sometimes do, go wrong in the hospitality industry, most of them are avoidable. However, when it comes to the weather, mother nature has a mind of her own. We jumped straight into the dog days early this year, and I'm telling you, even with all the fans Walmart could supply being shipped in, we're all reminding ourselves constantly to be prepared with the works. Dwayne Mustard give the full report, in this week's Dock Talk.  

Holy Cow! Pass the sunscreen! With scorching hot temperatures day after day, this year’s summer of salmon fishing has become a test of endurance. Put on your sunscreen before you even leave the house in the morning because you will have a burn by 9am if you don’t. Don’t forget your hat and plenty of water or else you will find yourself needing to head for cover while there is still plenty of fishing to be done.
Many people still firmly hold onto the belief that you need to get up before the sun if you want to get in on the best fishing. While this may be true if you are fishing the Tyee Pool, you don’t necessarily have to be a member of the Dawn Patrol if you are fishing at the Hump, the Lighthouse or the Green Can. At these places the salmon will feed throughout the day, as long as there is food around. As the sun gets higher in the sky the baitfish will typically go deeper, and with the bright sunny days we are currently enjoying, afternoon fishing can be great if you are willing to fish deep. Way deep. The Painter’s guides have been very successful fishing for midday Chinook salmon by letting out 250 to 270 feet of downrigger cable. While this technique is excellent for hooking salmon, bringing them up from this depth can be quite the challenge, kind of like high speed halibut fishing. When you are retrieving 270 feet of line there are plenty of opportunities for the fish to find some slack line, so set the hook twice and reel like you are beating enough eggs to make the world’s biggest omelette.

For those of you who don’t like fishing deep, reports are starting to filter in that springs are being caught at Browns Bay and Deepwater Bay, where you can typically have success fishing with 90 to 140 feet of cable. There are also early reports of pink salmon catches and those little devils can be caught anywhere from the surface on down. So load up on sunscreen and water and head on out there. Just remember, drinking beer won’t keep you hydrated.

Until next week,

Tight lines and keep on fishin’

Dwayne Mustard