Dock Talk

Here We Go!

Painter's Lodge - August 4, 2011

What an exciting day on the dock today. One of my daily tasks during Derby days is to record all the fish that come in. So I spent a lot of time in the sunshine today. Smile.
Painter’s Lodge has had an awesome start to August.  On the 2nd Ray Omori won a free night stay for largest fish of the day with a 25.1 pound Chinook. This puts Ray in the lead overall.   Yesterday Abby Miller, a frequent visitor to Painter’s Lodge, won the free night stay with a 24.4 lb. Chinook!  
Our two Zodiacs, the Hurricane and the Titan, have been non-stop all day with three Wildlife tours and the Whale Watching Tour fully booked. The wildlife tour saw a brown bear feeding on the shoreline, seals, eagles, and of course the breathtaking view.  The whales were just out of reach for the Wildlife tours but the Whale Watching tour had an amazing show of 2 different pods of orcas today!  
The pinks are coming in thick. They love the evening bite, last night again was mainly pinks coming in, 4 per guest. That’s a lot of fish.
~ Caylin