Dock Talk

Grand Slam!

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - August 9, 2005

Campbell River has been hot the past few days. And not just the summer weather – we’re talking about fishing.

Guides and guests have favoured the northern fishing grounds over The Hump in the south, with Brown's Bay, Greensea Bay and Chatham Point all north of Seymour Narrows being the favourites.

The mid-summer's mixed bag of fish has been a lot of fun, as one lucky guest recorded a Grand Slam by landing all five species of Pacific salmon in an eight-hour trip. Pink salmon have been thick for some time, Chum as large as 15lbs have hit the dock, and since Sockeye opened the fishing has been getting better everyday.

When traveling to the hot spots in the north, back-to-back four-hour tides, or at least a few extra hours on a four-hour trip is recommended.

Yesterday evening Chatham Point and Brown’s Bay went off with Chinook being landed in every boat. Then the Tyee horn at Painter’s sounded, as Joey Jacobs landed a Tyee. Pretty much any pink hoochie has been very effective. Some anglers have had success with small herring, but as always anchovy has been a good choice.

To date, three Tyee have been registered on light-tackle at the Tyee Club with the largest a hulky 47 lbs. 5:15am and 6:00pm are the preferred tides for rowing in the pool directly across from Painter’s Lodge.

If you are looking for adventure, guests have seen some amazing Orcas on our Whale Watching Advenutre Tours. And as always, our Rapids Tours are a huge crowd pleaser. New for 2005 are the Sunset Advenutre Tours on our Zodiacs, which you can book the same day at the Painter’s Marine Centre or April Point Activity Desk.

And now for a few bragging rights....

  • Carl Hagens and Vince Gaudet – both with 30 lb. Chinooks
  • Dennis Jonasson – 34 lb. Tyee!
  • The Wilson Family – Mike with a 25 and a 16½ pounder and Herb with twin 14’
  • And congratulations to all the anglers who caught their limits!


Tight lines and sharp hooks,
Brook Castelsky
Marine Operations Manager
Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa