Painter's Lodge - Campbell River, British Columbia, V9W 4S5, Canada

The Girl Behind The Camera - 2015

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My name is Melissa, and I am the new marketing coordinator at Painter’s Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa. This is my first season here and I am very excited about it! I thought I would write a little about my first weeks here…

First of all, I confess, I am not an angler – a fact that has led to many a funny conversation with both staff and guests alike. As I walked into the gift shop one day, while the lovely Peggy busily stalked shelves of intricately ornate memorabilia, I stumbled upon what I thought was a child’s baseball bat. Turns out I had the right action – wrong sport. “It is called a bonker’ Peggy says, “you beat the salmon with it”. I left humbly and slightly horrified from the shop, but better equipped, I felt, to converse with the masses on the topic of salmon fishing in Campbell River.

How I wrong I was. From the general manager, Dean, to the fishing guides, and even the F&B staff, I continued to learn new factoids and tips. For example, Sockeye is not the only type of salmon, despite what the grocery stores are telling you. Salmon return to spawn where they themselves were spawned, but also die as a result of their spawning; a pilgrimage to their birth and resting place.
Probably the most interesting thing I learned was about the coveted Tyee Club; a distinguished honour for those who have bonkered a 30 lb+ salmon, while in a row boat, with only plugs or spoons, a 20lb test, and no drag. The tides cause crazy currents here, so that they row alone is quite impressive, let alone having to catch a huge fish with a ladle and a huge exam!

I believe Dean, the general manager, Dwayne, the head fishing guide, and myself are going out salmon fishing soon. I will tell you all about my bonking and spooning! Wish me luck.

All the staff have been so warm and welcoming to me as I begin my first season. It is truly a great place to work, and as such, you will not find a better group of people ready to welcome and host you as well!  It is quite literally natures playground over here, with Orcas passing, a variety of birds flying overhead, and seals joyfully playing by the dock at the return of each fishing boat.  I am very lucky to have such an office!

Hope to see you out at Painter's Lodge and April Point this season! Look for me hiding behind the camera!