Dock Talk

Forecasted Fun

Painter's Lodge - July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day to all of our American friends and neighbours!

The Marine Centre crew had a busy day assisting our guests who filled 15 fishing boats, 1 wildlife tour, 1 rapids tour and a whale watching tour.  Lindsay and Joseph caught the largest fish of the morning (a 17.9 lb. Chinook) and young JC from Ottawa made his whole family proud by being the only one of them to reel in anything (a 13.5 lb. salmon).  JC and his family have spoken to the kitchen and they’ll be eating that salmon tonight in the dining room. Talk about fesh seafood!

A gaggle of geese were standing in the very shallow tide right off the Painter’s Dock this morning and it appeared as if they were walking on water. You couldn't see the sandbar just a few inches below them so it created an optical illusion. With the fishing boats approaching them from behind them, it really did look like they were in deep water.

The Whale Watching tour didn’t even have to leave Discovery Passage over the course of its 5 ½ hour run, because all the Orcas you could possibly want to see were more or less in our front yard. The tour also spotted a very shy humpback.

The Campbell River weather forecast calls for loads of sunshine well into next week so if you’re coming to visit us remember your bathing suit.  The Painter’s Lodge pool is a great place to relax after a day full of adventure.

See you in a few,