Dock Talk

Fishing in the Tyee Pool is Heating Up!

Painter's Lodge - August 14, 2013

If you’re looking for a unique fishing experience, then Tyee Rowing is for you. This is as pure as fishing gets. It’s your chance to fish in the famous Campbell River Tyee Pool and go after that monster salmon you’ve always dreamed about. There are no motors allowed in the Tyee Pool, just classic row boats. Our guides will take you to the pool and show how it’s done. After that it’s all up to you to land that big fish. It may seem like a daunting task, but the reward is well worth it: Membership to the exclusive Tyee Club.

Of course, the biggest news regarding Tyee Pool is the massive 61 ½ pound Tyee that was caught by local angler Mike Gage on Sunday. It was the largest salmon caught in Campbell River in over 30 years, and it couldn’t have been reeled in by a better fisherman. Mike has been instrumental in bettering local spawning and rearing conditions, as well as improving several river system habitats. On behalf of Painter’s Lodge I’d like to congratulate Mike on his historic catch!

So, how have the Painter’s Lodge boats been doing? Well, last Friday Jim Busselle decided to give Tyee Rowing a try and it paid off for him in a big way. Jim came back with a 31.5 pound Tyee with the help of his guide Rick. Then, just this morning, Bob Hawks returned to the Painter’s dock with a near Tyee. The fish registered just three ounces shy of 30, weighing in at 29.7 pounds. Painter’s Lodge guide Joe was manning the ores.

So, if you want to give this unique experience a try, now’s the time. The Campbell River fishing season is at its peak, so don’t miss out. See you in the Tyee Pool!

Catch you later,