Dock Talk

Fishing in 2009 – Bring It On!

Oak Bay Marine Group Fishing Resorts - March 18, 2009

More Chinook are headed our way!

So what does the newly ratified Canada/U.S. Salmon Treaty mean for our guests in 2009? Officials believe it could allow over 50,000 more Chinook to journey down the west coast of B.C. along where Oak Bay Marine Group’s resorts are located. The 10-year agreement calls for an immediate reduction of 15% in the Southeast Alaskan Chinook commercial harvest, and a 30% reduction off the west coast of Vancouver Island. It also places a strong emphasis on conservation, stability of access for all, and sustainability of the Pacific salmon resource.

Another factor that will make 2009 a great year is the 2005 El Niño that made last year's fishing take a little longer between bites has passed. We are coming off four years of warmer ocean temperatures and have just experienced the coldest winter temperature in over 11 years. Colder water temperatures are generally more prosperous when fishing for Chinook and Coho salmon. Add to these improved numbers the reductions in commercial fishing and that means many more fish available for recreational anglers along the B.C. coast.

The Queen Charlotte Islands are in the fabled waters of the northern Pacific Ocean and are a rich environment for countless salmon runs. These fish are here in greater numbers than in the past and with fewer caught commercially; that means solid big spring fishing from beginning of season to the end. The early Chinook are from the Skeena, big northern fish with homes close by. Then, as the season moves on, there are tremendous peaks all summer long with fish feeding locally beginning to move for rivers as far south as the Columbia.

Whether it’s the MV Charlotte Princess, the MV Marabell, or the fully guided MV Salmon Seeker, the Queen Charlottes are where the fish will be and we’re ready for you—be there for the time of your life!

Located 300 miles north of Vancouver, BC, Rivers Inlet is the second biggest salmon fishing pilgrimage next to the Queen Charlotte Islands. If calm, protected, glassy water tops your list in trophy-fishing criteria, Rivers Inlet is the holy land for you. More 50 - 60 pound Chinook salmon are recorded in this 18 mile fjord-like inlet each summer than any other fishery in the province. Fishing at King Salmon Resort is also enhanced by its remoteness and the presence of numerous watersheds for spawning salmon.
Further south, Vancouver Island funnels the big brutes down its outside and inside waters, right past our Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa in Campbell River and Canadian Princess Resort in Ucluelet. Bigger numbers of these great fish will swell Campbell River's Tyee Pool. Step off the dock and fish in the calming waters of evening as the big ones come on the bite.

And did anyone mention Coho salmon? These "fight-much-larger-than they are" salmon will swarm past Island shores in large schools of fighting silvers this summer. They mingle with the big kings shouldering down the shores on the banks right in front of Ucluelet. Be there for your share of bigger numbers and bigger fish!

This years’ forecast is shaping up to be a great fishing season and we anticipate plenty of full fish boxes and smiling faces at our resorts. At all Oak Bay Marine Group locations guests can enjoy the simple life as the pace of the city is so far away both physically and mentally. This is where a night-time hot tub is the height of luxury and going fishing isn’t just about catching fish.  It’s where socks and sandals aren’t a fashion faux pas, they’re survival gear, and even the rain is a blessing when it brings the fish out to play.

This is the year to get out on the water with friends and family for a trip of a lifetime. Give our friendly reservation coordinators a call at 1-800-663-7090 and let them get you hooked up for 2009!