Dock Talk

Fish and whales

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - July 4, 2005

Fishing these last  couple days has been awesome!

We are starting to see Pinks roll through the waters of the Sewmour Narrows.  Congrats to Daryl Schieck for the largest out of the couple days, a 24lb Chinook. This morning two of our guides went out with a film crew which will be out for twelve hours shooting for a TV show. Hopefully they catch a nice Tyee for the show.

Yesterday, there was quite a large Grey whale that made its way through the Sewmour Narrows, through Ripple Rock and the Johnson Strait. Everyone was quite excited to see the large mammal.

The Discovery Crossing between Painter's and April Point was trying to time going across so the guests could see the whale, which, by the way, they timed quite well and after talking to one of the guests it was an experience of a lifetime.

Until next time, Keep fishing!