Dock Talk

Fight For The Fish

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - August 22, 2012

Dennis Berklund of April Point won himself a free night’s accommodation by catching a beautiful Tyee yesterday evening.  Guided by Doug Taylor and fishing with his wife, Dennis reeled in his 33.4 lb. Chinook at Brown’s Bay.  James Werbicki was star of the April Point dock this morning for bringing in 17.6 and 19 lb. fish on an otherwise slow tide. Dave Amundson and Gerald Garner of Painter’s Lodge caught their 20 and 18 lb. Chinook, respectively, on the afternoon tide. Better late than never for Gerald who waited 80 years for his fish!

Paul and Kimberly Becker also fished the afternoon tide and I was on the dock when they returned to notify Paul he was yesterday’s random daily derby prize winner.  On Sunday evening Paul and Kimberly fished with Tom and had quite the battle for their salmon with a snarly sea lion. At first they thought it was a seal that had gotten a hold of their fish but they were proved wrong when the sea lion popped out of the water and scared them. Kim put her life jacket on and braced for the worst but in the end Team Human won and got to take home their 20 lb. Chinook (which was said to look tiny in the sea lion’s mouth).

26 guests from the visiting McDonald’s group at Painter’s will be fishing the evening tide so there’s still opportunity for more great fish to come in!

Last night Rockland Road put on a beautiful performance in the April Point Dining Room for Jazz at the Point. Overcast skies did not hinder anyone from attending and we had another full house. It’s hard to believe there are just three weeks left in the April Point 2012 season. That being said, the weather on Quadra Island in early September is typically fantastic so we anticipate things to be go-go-go right til the end!

Seen on today’s Wildlife Adventure: non-stop dolphin activity at Frederick Arm and four orcas at Chatham Point.

See you in a few,