Painter's Lodge - Campbell River, British Columbia, V9W 4S5, Canada
  • 37.5 lb Painter

Thinking about a little trip to our neck of the woods... or should we say, Oceans? Well the time is right, with fishing that's hotter than ever and a solid group of guides ready and waiting to say 'Fish On!' In fact, here's what head guide, Dwayne Mustard, has to say on the topic of recent fishing here in Campbell River, have a read...

So it is now officially summer and this seems like a good time to look back at what happened through the spring and to look forward as to what might happen over the next few months.

As you may have noticed, May and June have been more like summer than spring and the fishing has been equally impressive. Salmon fishing at the Hump, The Lighthouse, Francisco Point and The Green Can has been nothing short of phenomenal. Every tide seems to be giving up a healthy Chinook bite and the fish have ranged anywhere from the minimum 62 centimeters right up to Tyee contenders. Herring are so abundant that even Humpback whales are being attracted to the area. While the hoochie flasher still reigns as the number one tackle choice, fans of plugs and spoons have been seeing incredible results. Use your glow Tomic plugs- like the 602 or the 639 at sunrise and sunset, and when the sun is higher in the sky, try some of the new UV Tomics like the 500 or 700. Be prepared to reel fast because these plug-hooked fish like to head straight to the top. Some judicious throttle use will help keep the tension on the line as the fish streaks to the surface, but it is once they hit the surface that the battle really begins. Keep the rod tip high and be prepared to let them run, even when they are right beside the boat.

With regard to the next couple of months you can expect to see the Chinook fishing get better and better as the migrating springs start to pass through our waters. Anglers looking to find some nice scenery with their fishing may want to head north to Brown’s Bay, Deepwater Bay or Greensea Bay. At this point it is unknown how the fishing is up there because the fishing has been so good south of town and nobody at Painter’s has been willing to risk giving up a sure thing for the uncertainty of fishing above Seymour Narrows.

Next on the calendar will be the return of the Coho salmon at the south end of Quadra Island, so you bucktailers might want to start getting your Cowichan Spinners polished up. After that you can expect to see a huge return of pink salmon as both the Campbell River and Fraser River fish descend on Plumper Point, Deepwater Bay and the ever popular fishing pier.
I don’t want to look to far forward into my crystal ball but I think I can hear my Tyee plugs calling my name.

Until next week, tight lines and keep on fishin’

Dwayne Mustard