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Dwayne Mustard's Weekly Fishing Report (July 16)

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - July 16, 2013

Want to know where our guides are fishing and how they're catching all these fish? This week Dwayne tells you about a few hot spots and reveals one of our guide's secrets to reeling in a big Chinook. Enjoy!

Anyone with a good pair of binoculars would be able to tell you that the fishing along the west side of Wilby Shoals has been fantastic and the destination of choice for most recreational anglers. So, that’s where all the boats are.

Coho fishing continues to be as good as it was back in the Eighties, but what is really surprising is the amount of Chinook being taken in this area. These Chinook are ranging in size from little tiny two year olds up to spawn-ready Tyee sized fish, as proven by Keith Dreiger, who brought in a 32 pounder on Monday morning fishing a 602 plug right on the bottom in 150’ of water.

People have been fishing from Dogfish Bay just north of Francisco Point all the way to the Green Can - and fish are being caught at all depths. This area usually fishes best on a flood tide and I seem to get my best results when fishing from north to south, with the tide.

For those of you fishing without the aid of a plotting GPS – a word of warning – the drop off comes up in a hurry. You might be happily fishing away at 150’ when suddenly you are in 60’ feet of water…your downrigger balls start doing 3 seconds of angry slam dancing on the bottom and then they’re gone…and off you go to the tackle shop to spend $100 on new lead and terminal tackle for your riggers.

So, if your only onboard electronics consist of a sounder and cell phone, steal a page out of veteran guide Bruce “The Goose” Aikman’s book. Bruce has been having tremendous success fishing well away from the reef in 600 feet of water. He has been watching his sounder like a hawk, looking for balls of suspended bait and then setting his downrigger depths so that he trolls his gear through the bait and, WHAMMO, big Chinook. Give it a try, sometimes thinking outside the box and fishing away from the pack can deliver great results.

Until next week,

Tight line and keep on fishin’