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Dwayne Mustard's Weekly Fishing Report (August 24)

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - August 24, 2013

Want to know how our guides are limiting out on pink salmon virtually every time they go out? Dwayne lets us in on their secrets, as well teaching us about the lost art of bucktailing. Enjoy!

If you haven’t been out pink salmon fishing yet, then what are you waiting for? There are pink salmon everywhere, in both the river and the saltchuck. So, dig your old trout rod out of the garage and get on them!

Many of the guides at Painter’s Lodge and April Point aren’t even using their downriggers, but instead are limiting out their guests with spinning gear in places like the wall on the North side of Deepwater Bay, or just off the kelp at Separation Head. Just wait for one to jump and drop a little pink Buzz Bomb into his ripples and hang on. With a light rod and eight pound test you are in for a real battle and if you lose it, there is another one right behind it. But save at least one slot on your license because there are still some nice Chinook hanging out in Brown’s Bay.

In addition to the pink and Chinook, there are still reports of hatchery Coho over at Francisco Point and in the shallow kelp beds of “Butlers” at the South East corner of Quadra Island. You might want to give the lost art of bucktailing a try.

As the name implies, bucktail flies are made with the long white hairs of a deer’s tail. The hair is dyed in any number of colours, but a combination of white and green or white and pink is your best bet. If you want, you can clip an abalone shell Cowichan Spinner to the front of the fly and troll it un-weighted about 30 feet behind the boat. In the words of fly guru Ralph Shaw, “Troll twice as fast as you think you should and then double your speed.” Bucktail hooked Coho love to jump a lot, so it always makes for an exciting battle. Even Chinook have been known to hit these flies and if they do, it will take you hours to come down from the adrenaline rush.

Until next week,

Tight lines and keep on fishin’