Painter's Lodge - Campbell River, British Columbia, V9W 4S5, Canada

Dwayne Mustard's Weekly Fishing Report

October 3, 2014

  • Salmon Fishing Painter

Coho fishing has been amazing at Painter's Lodge lately. But where are the Chum? Dwayne explains in this week's fishing report.

This week’s fishing report is all about Coho and the wonderful rebound we have seen for Coho fishing in the area. Ever since the Department of Fisheries and Oceans expanded Coho retention to include one wild fish per day in Area 13, we’ve seen people rediscovering their long lost Coho fishing mojo and bringing plenty of these beauties back to the dock. I’m not sure if there have always been plenty of beautiful Northern Coho around and we just couldn’t keep them or if there in fact more Coho around this year than in previous years. Whatever the case, no one seems to want to check this gift horse’s teeth because right now there are Coho in the 10 to 16 pound range being hooked at your favourite North of Seymour Narrows fishing spots. The Wall at Deepwater Bay is always a good place to start. Some of the Painter’s Lodge guides are having luck there trolling a nice hard-brined anchovy while others are catching them while trying to target Chum salmon.

There are plenty of nice healthy Chum out there right now, but they don’t seem too keen on biting just yet. Our guides have been throwing the kitchen sink at these fish, and what are they catching? Coho, lots and lots of Coho, even though there are plenty of Chum seen on the surface and on sounders. Your best bet is to try fishing them on a bright sunny day. If you are really, really intent on catching some Chum for your smoker and for the thrill of the fight, your best bet is to brave the elements and head up to Greensea Bay on the flood tide. Chum are funny. When they decide to bite you will find yourself with one triple header after another, but if they decide to remain close lipped, fishing them can be one of the most frustrating experiences you will ever have to endure because they will jump all around you, mocking you. It’s almost enough to drive a guy to go chanterelle picking.

Thank goodness the Coho are biting.

Until next week,

Tight lines and keep on fishing