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Dwayne Mustard's Weekly Fishing Report

May 15, 2014

Spring has sprung, which means (you guessed it!) Spring Salmon, and lots of them. Our Spring Fling Derby is well underway, with most Spring brought in weighing around 10 pounds. Don’t let that deter you—there have been a couple of large anomalies that suggest that there are some big catches to be had. Dwayne Mustard tells you all about them in his Weekly Fishing Report:

  • Salmon Fishing Painter

Typical, just typical. And by that I mean we are seeing typical fishing returns for this time of year. Lots of salmon in the 8 to 13 pound range and surprise, surprise, they’re being caught at the Hump, the Lighthouse and along Shelter Point. Deep. Like, 250 deep. On a UV army truck hoochie. No secret there.

And there are reports of good fishing down in Comox, especially at Bates Beach. This is fairly common for this time of year too. You see, during the months of March and April, herring from all over the Straits of Georgia gather in Parksville for the express purpose of making baby herring. Of course, where there is bait there will be predators, so most of the Straits’ salmon population also head to Parksville for the spring herring spawn. When this big herring party is over they all head back to their home waters, with the salmon in hot pursuit. So when the fishing turns on at places like Kitty Coleman this time of year, you know that the herring are headed north and soon our local South Quadra hotspots will turn on too. Not that the fishing has been bad…last Friday, Painter’s guide Steve Webber brought in a nice 27 ½ pounder for his guest Karen Van Slyke and more recently local fishaholic Russ Lim guided his daughter Grace to a 21 pounder. But the million dollar question is, “What were they catching them on?” Ha ha, wouldn’t you like to know…

Oh? You would like to know? Ok, in that case…Coyote Spoons. Four inch green and glow Coyote Spoons on a 36” leader. But you didn’t hear it from me…well, maybe you did but don’t tell the Painter’s guides that I’m letting you in on their secrets.

Until next week,

Tight lines and keep on fishing

Dwayne Mustard