Painter's Lodge - Campbell River, British Columbia, V9W 4S5, Canada
  • Fishing at Painter

Thinking of Campbell River fishing trip? Your timing is perfect, and as the summer continues on, your chance to catch that big Chinook remains hopeful! Don't be overwhelmed by the onpour of local fishing boats, there's room in there for you, too! Just take it from head guide Dwayne Mustard, in this week's fishing report. 

Usually, around this time of year, guides have pink hoochies tied onto their flashers as they head out to target pink salmon on every tide. And this year the pink salmon are back as scheduled but no one is fishing with pink hoochies.

Why, you ask? Because the late season Chinook fishing has been nothing short of spectacular. No matter where you head, you are sure to get strikes. Most of the guides are fishing anchovies on a long leader and they all have their own favourite type of teaser head. My favourite is an army truck teaser head- but the purple UV is also very popular and very effective.

If you want to travel a bit, Hall Point, Thurston Bay, Green Sea Bay, and Chatham Point are producing nice fish right throughout the day. In the early morning, while you are still in the shadows, you should fish between 90 and 120 feet of downrigger cable. As the sun gets higher in the sky, drop your gear down to the 140 to 160 foot depth. Be quick on the rod because the takes are light, but there is the occasional pounder that will make your rod buck like a rodeo bull.

Because the fishing is so good, there are a lot of boats jammed into some pretty small areas, all just trolling around in circles. Make sure you get with the program or else you can cause a lot of havoc. The general rule of thumb is this, the boats trolling into the current get the tack closest to the shore. So get in line and slot yourself into the loop, sort of like merging into a traffic circle. Be prepared to change your tack when someone nearby hooks into a fish and hopefully they will repay the courtesy when you hook into your big one. In the end remember to just have fun. After all none of us go fishing because we are hungry.

Until next week, tight lines and keep on fishing!

Dwayne Mustard