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Dwayne Mustard's Weekly Fishing Report

August 1, 2014

  • Salmon Fishing Painter

Pictured above: Suggested Sockeye Gear - Pink Hoochies & Flashers

They’re coming! The DFO announced that retention of sockeye for recreational anglers will happen today, Friday, August 1st. If the sockeye fishing is anything like it was during the epic run of 2010, you can expect some pretty wild and crazy fishing. During that year there was at one point a six mile long school of sockeye that extended from Brown’s Bay to Chatham Point and all the way across the passage to the Quadra Island side. You couldn’t get your second downrigger in the water before you had a strike. Quality problem.

But sockeye don’t just jump into your boat, you will need to tweak your technique in order to get them to bite. First of all, follow the three “S”s.

#1 Sparse: Your little pink hoochies should be sparse. Pull every second leg from them.

#2 Slow: Successful sockeye trollers move very slowly if they want to provoke strikes.

#3 Straight: No S turns for sockeye, just keep trolling along in a straight line.

Many anglers will also stack more than one rod on their downriggers, essentially turning themselves into mini commercial trollers. This is highly effective because sockeye like to feel like part of a school or they won’t bite. Being surrounded by flashers will make them comfortable and more likely to bite. For this reason, running a dummy flasher off of your downrigger ball is also a good bet.

And finally, get your canning supplies early, in 2010 nearest canning jars were located in Calgary.

Until next week,

Tight lines and keep on fishing,