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The Tyee Pool is still the talk of the town- or at least, the talk of the town's fishing community, and with the window of time to catch a registered Tyee coming to a close, we're happy to continue reporting on the subject! So without further ado, read on for Head Guide, Dwayne Mustard's, most recent fishing report!

Hooray! There is finally another Tyee to report. At 6:20 on Friday morning, Neil McLennan hooked into a 34 pound salmon that made him a new member of the Tyee Club of British Columbia. Veteran Tyee guide John Todd used a plug to hook the fish right in front of the Tyee Clubhouse. This is especially good news considering that there hasn’t been much sign of Chinook in the Tyee Pool proper. But Weighmaster Bob says that there are fish rolling and jumping in the pool, which is also welcome news.

This is the third fish to earn a Tyee pin so far this year, and it's also the third fish to come in at 34 pounds. The second fish, caught on August 17th by Norm Lee was also 34 lbs. and the first fish, hooked on one of our Painter's Rowboats by Racho Jordanov was 34.5 lbs. 

With any luck there will be some action this weekend as there is rain in the forecast which will hopefully make the river push a little harder, which will get the attention of the fish that will eventually head up the river to spawn. These fish will in turn hang out in the Pool and the rowboat fleet of Campbell River will get a chance to hook a couple of them. At least that is the way we draw it up on the chalkboard. Whether that is how the plan will play out remains to be seen.

Until next week, keep on rowing.

Dwayne Mustard

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Neil shows off his 34 lb. Tyee. Photo taken from the Tyee Club article online. For more info, check it out at: