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To learn and relearn is as important a skill as being able to tie your shoes. It's a fact of life that sometimes procedures change or are developed to be more efficient, more accurate, or more modern. This week on Dock Talk, Dwayne explains the importance of keeping an adaptable mindset, because after all, sometimes even the veterans can learn a thing or two from the new guy.

Fishing is a learned skill. You start out with the basics, learning how to tie knots and work a rod and reel. As you get older you start learning about different lures, different types of line, when to use bait, where to fish, when to fish. Eventually, if you are serious enough, you get a boat, you learn how to reach charts, tide tables, weather patterns, how to target different species, and what to do in the case of emergencies. By the time you have studied the sport long enough to become a professional guide, your head is full of so much fishing information that you don’t have time to even think about what you are doing. Guides, like any other professional, start doing things without even thinking about it, almost by instinct. The basics are the furthest thing from their mind. But doing things without thinking can sometimes limit you, you don’t explore other options and this can affect your success rate, especially when fishing is tough. Sometimes getting back to basics will help you to see other options that you wouldn’t have seen if you just keep doing things the way you always do them.

One of the best ways to get back to basics is take a novice out fishing. Preferably one who asks a lot of questions. Getting bombarded by “Why do you do this” and “How come you do that?” will help you realize why you do this and how come you do that. By explaining the basics it helps re-enforce your own ideas about the way you do things and sometimes will make you question yourself. If you can’t easily explain why you are doing something a certain way, then maybe you have overlooked something. And if your understanding of the basics is flawed, who knows how much it is affecting everything you do. Maybe there is a better way to tie your knot.

So, teach a rookie how to fish. The person who learns the most just might be you.

Until next week,

Tight lines and keep on fishin’

Dwayne Mustard