Dock Talk

Discovery Passage Update

Painter's Lodge - June 26, 2005

Fishing is hot in the Passage right now.  A 39 pound Chinook just weighed in, and now the fishermen are all trying to beat that one!
Fish coming to dock have been beauties - nice, solid, silvery chinooks - many of them over the twenty pound mark, and sparkling with chrome.  A wide variety of tides have been productive, with guides try their skills at various fishing spots in the area..... the Lighthouse still seems to be the favorite (depending on the tide) and Browns Bay, Deepwater Bay, Greensea Bay and Chatham Point have all had good fishin'.  The weather is still slightly unpredictable but variety is the spice of life they say!
Our low tides lately have been great for the Ocean Rapids Adventure Tours - it's one of our most popular attractions. Book early if you want to experience this thrill ride!
~More reel adventures in the making as you read this!~