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Fishing has undoubtedly been great here in Campbell River, but as the Summer goes on, there's more and more opportunity to travel further and try your luck in new areas. The question is... do you risk getting skunked in a new place, when you could continue to fish those same old familiar waters? Dwayne Mustard gives his take...

It is getting to be that time of year again when you have to make “The Decision”. You know the one. The one when you get in your boat, pull away from the dock and have to decide, do I go South, or do I go North?

You think to yourself, “Well, if I go South, I am committed to fishing for Chinooks. Big, strong, beautiful Chinooks. The prize of the salmon fishing world, where the next bite could be that thirty pounder that we’re all looking for. Yeah, I’ll head South.”
...But then you think, “South, land of dogfish, and raging rip-filled 7 knot tides that love to chew up flashers and hoochies and spit them out in a tangled, knotted mess. The place where you’re fishing 260 feet of downrigger and even cleaning weeds is a bicep burning workout. North, yeah, North, that’s where I’ll go.”
North. Through the swirling waters of Seymour Narrows to Browns Bay and Deepwater Bay where the Chinooks and Pinks hold up and feed before their last push across the Straits of Georgia. North, where the currents are predictable, the dogfish are few and you only have to fish 120 feet of downrigger cable. North, where the crowds and the newbies all pack in like sardines when the pinks and sockeyes are running. North, where the winds can howl and make your return trip a bumpy salt bath. Hmmmm, maybe I’ll head South…it hasn’t been that busy up North yet.
But it is going to turn on up there any day now, and it is where I caught that big spring last year…but what if I go up North and the fishing down South is on fire? I’ll show up at the dock with 2 pinks and my buddy will have his limit of 25 pound Chinooks… I’ve gotta go South…but…oh, to heck with it, I’ll just flip a coin…

Until next week, tight lines and keep on fishin’

Dwayne Mustard