Dock Talk

Curiosity Caught The Salmon

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - July 27, 2012

Some beautiful fish came in on both the AM and Mid-day tides, many over 20 lbs. The largest belonged to David and weighed in at 28.4 lbs. David and his guide, Bruce, got that bite in Brown’s Bay where pre-spawning salmon are migrating through. These migrating salmon tend to be bigger, feistier and sometimes, as they reach their home river, tend not to bite much. You have to work harder for them but the extra effort is worth it as these salmon are in peak physical condition (big!). Luckily, David hooked a curious one.

A highlight of my week has been observing and interacting with a pair of young brothers, Spencer and Carson, who are staying at April Point with their dad. Both boys are avid fishermen who are full of curiosity and, despite being 8 and 10 years old, are bursting with knowledge of marine life. On Tuesday night they fished off the April Point dock in hopes of catching ling cod, on Wednesday they splashed around in the Painter’s Lodge pool before going on a fishing charter with dad, and they fished again yesterday AND today. There’s never a dull moment when Spencer and Carson are hanging out on the dock as they are eager to show fellow guests how to feed fish guts to the seals or how to pull mussels off the dock to use for bait. They quite enjoy the spotlight and never shy away from having their photo taken. This isn’t their first visit to the resorts so they know their stuff. Future crew members? Easily.

The Tyee Pub at Painter’s is going to be a happening place tonight with live music from our good friend, John Reynolds.  It’s nice to see our crew relax together after a long week of work and it’s made possible by special events like this. The pub deck saw lots of activity this afternoon as well. The forecast called for rain all day yet the sun continued to shine well past lunchtime. Inside wasn't so shabby either with the Opening Ceremonies airing on our big-screen TVs.

See you in a few,