Dock Talk

Chinook...pinks...chance for sockeye?

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - July 24, 2009

Our last week has seen two groups of guests come through the lodge.  Vesterguard flew in and were able to navigate a few nice Chinook to the boat.  Mike Grant was able to land a 32lber safe and sound.  As well, Digital Sytems was also here,  and Josh Bradley got the big one with that group; a 20 lb Chinook got him first place in their derby. 

 Since last weekend, we’ve seen the fishing continue to be strong, even thought the light house is now closed until September.  With that closure our guides start to expand their search for fish into other familiar bays, such as Browns Bay, Deep Water Bay and Green Sea Bay. 
Pinks have been hitting a few anglers lines this week while targeting Chinook, and we’re just waiting for DFO to give us to OK on sockeye.  The forecast is still good for a Sock opening, so I”ll be sure to post those dates as soon as they’re released. 
Other than that, the weather has continued to be the best in years, and we’re looking at some August Heat; and I’m talking about the August fishing derby at Painters and April Point.  The guest who catches the biggest fish in August will win a trip of their choice to one of our 4 Northern Resorts.  There are second and third place prizes to our Vancouver Island resorts as well!
Tight Lines
Dave Gosnell
Marine Operations Manager
Painters Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa