Dock Talk

Childlike Excitment

Painter's Lodge - July 4, 2011

Fishing at Painter’s Lodge for some people is an adventure of life time, a story that will be told dozens of times over the decades. This is what we love to do. I think sometimes the locals, even the crew members forget about how great they have it here in British Colombia. I love being able to share the first time catchers excitement with everyone. 
To those who have caught fish their whole lives and couldn’t even count how many they’ve caught; Just think about how you felt the first time you reeled in 400 feet line to have your fish finally put in the boat. You were probably shacking a little or if you’re anything like me you woke up the next day with a bruise the size twoonie on your thigh. That’s what most people feel like when they return to the docks with their “trophy.”   So, to all you avid fishermen… don’t ever forget how much that first “fish on!” felt like. I still feel this way when I catch a fish and I hope I never lose that childlike excitement.
~ Caylin