Painter's Lodge - Campbell River, British Columbia, V9W 4S5, Canada
  • Chad_Dodd

Congrats to all who participated in the Canada Day Derby! Any photos taken by our staff at the lodge can be seen on Facebook! And, for the winners, we will be contacting you this week!

Now, check out this fishing report, sent in by Head Guide Dwayne Mustard!

"Time sure flies! The Canada Day weekend is gone and as the mercury climbs, the fishing keeps getting better. In the past week we have seen two Tyee sized Chinook on our docks. First was a 31.5 pounder caught by Bruce Morrison with help from guide Richard Breukers. The second was a whopping 36 pound fish caught by first time salmon angler Wendy Sheppard with help from guide “Bear” Scow. Both fish were caught on a plug and both of them came from the Lighthouse area…although the exact location remains a highly guarded secret.
Plugs are often an overlooked weapon in the arsenal of the Campbell River salmon angler. A long time staple of rowboat guides in the Tyee Pool, many downrigger anglers go straight for the pizazz of the hoochie-flasher combination. But the plug can be a highly effective lure, especially when the tides start to get frantic south of town. They are perfect for trolling in fast water with a fast presentation and are less prone to tangles than the hoochie flasher. Plugs also offer the purest fight between fish and angler because there is no added drag, just a straight line between the rod and the fish. When you hook a fish on a plug you have to set the hook hard and then reel like the Dickens to get the slack out of the line because these fish will very often head straight for the surface. Keep the rod tip high and expect at least one or two runs when the fish gets to the side of the boat. Lately my favourite plug has been a 6” 500 UV Tomic plug with Pilchard spots but the old reliable 602 is always a good choice. So, hey, why not get your plug on and hook some big fish.
Until next week, tight lines and keep on fishing!"

Dwayne Mustard