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Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - September 4, 2012

To catch a 40+ lb. salmon is to become a hero. Konane Laureta is not only a hero for reeling in a 43.6 lb. Chinook, he is also the Grand Prize Winner of the August Heat Derby!  We’ll be seeing Konane again as he won himself a 3 day/ 2 night fishing trip to Painter’s Lodge.

Joy Borisow, along with her husband and father, fished the AM tide on Saturday and reeled in what would turn out to be the largest Chinook of the weekend, weighing 24.9 lbs. Well, Joy tipped me off that her 80 year old father, Gerry, was the one who actually hooked it but, like any good father would, he gave bragging rights to his daughter.  Nancy Schlaitzer, Julian Lo, Amanda Wilson, Kivan Lo, Jared McDonald and Rich Steer all caught salmon weighing close to or above 15 lbs. this long weekend. Hats off to all of you! 

Brett Gardner was inducted into the Tyee Club on Saturday evening. Guide Ken Mar rowed Brett to a 30.5 lb. Tyee using a plug. Brett’s Tyee is the 30th of the season with numbers 17-29 all reeled in in the same week. The Tyee rowing season ends September 15th which means there are just 10 days left to experience the tradition and perhaps be inducted yourself.

The Saturday whale watching tour, led by Mike, found humpbacks at Browns Bay and orcas at Davis Point.  In fact, our zodiac tours had good fortune all weekend long. Even this morning’s whale watchers raved about the a25 clan of orcas they observed in Chancellor Channel. It was in that same area they also spotted a black bear. Further east in Denham Bay a nursery school of dolphins greeted the group. Scott referred to them as a nursery school because out of around 40 dolphins, 20 or so were just kids.

Gorgeous weather spoiled our guests over the weekend and still more sunshine is in our forecast! Our wedding couples (along with their family and friends) appreciated the clear skies present for their Saturday nuptials. Marriage Commissioner Donna Dennis has performed hundreds of weddings throughout her career but remarked that Kelly and Joe’s personalized vows at April Point were some of the most powerful she’d ever heard.

It was back to school for kids today and back to work for parents but at April Point its back to jazz! We hope to see new faces and old this evening for dinner, drinks and delightful music by Jazzberry Jam.

See you in a few,