Dock Talk

Biggest Chinook of the season

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - May 22, 2006

Mike Poatas and his 25 lb. Chinook salmonWhat a day to be on the water in the Discovery Passage…

Today was the best fishing day of the year as some beautiful Chinook salmon were brought back to the dock. Congratulations to Mike Poatas who caught the biggest salmon of the year today, a 25 lb’er; Ben Killingworth was the runner up with a nice looking 20 lb Chinook, and Stan Smart landed a 12 lb’er.

As it often is in the early parts of our fishing season, the hotspot today was the Lighthouse on the south end of Quadra Island.

Our new Discovery Tour was out today and was a huge success.Vancouver Island nature tourIn addition to the nature tour and wildlife viewing, the Discovery Tour includes a stop at a shellfish farm where you can try some of the freshest oysters you will every taste.

The sea-lions and birds were out in large numbers today at Mitlenatch Island, and everyone was enjoying the sun on the big back deck of the Pachena Princess.

Brian Friesen
Marine Operations Manager