Painter's Lodge - Campbell River, British Columbia, V9W 4S5, Canada
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It's never easy to tell what kind of fishing day it's going to be... and with the late Summer we're experiencing, there have been some unexpected alterations in the patterns we're used to. For example, more Chum Salmon are coming in unseasonably early, and Coho are being caught as big as 15 lbs! Now, we don't necessarily attribute these things to the weather, but one thing has always been true: There is no one right way to fish, and what works for one, may not work for another! So take a look at this week's dock talk, which highlights some of the varied fishing styles we've seen lately, and the guides who are pulling it off!

"For many people the next two weeks are generally considered the peak of the salmon fishing season here in Campbell River. Everything is migrating past us at this time, and on any given trip you can catch the grand slam of Pacific salmon which consists of one Chinook, one Coho, one Sockeye, one Pink and one Chum. This is exactly what Painter’s guide, Ron Collins, did on Tuesday when he took his guests for an adventure up to Chatham Point at the corner of Johnson Strait and Discovery Passage. Although he had to release his sockeye and he chose to release his pink, he did bring home a couple of nice Chinook, a Chum, and a hatchery Coho, all of which were caught on an anchovy. We are also starting to see some wonderful big “Northern Coho” in the waters above Seymour Narrows. These mature fish are tipping the scales at close to fifteen pounds and can be recognized by the lovely hook nose they develop as the near their spawning grounds.

South of town continues to see a lot of fishing pressure, often with mixed results. One day you hook your limit of 15+ pound Chinook with a couple of hatchery Coho thrown in for the good measure, the next day you are doing nothing but washing your hooks. Fishing at the Hump has been quiet all season and most people are choosing to fish Francisco Point, the Green Can and the deep waters between the Green and Red Cans. For added fun, people have been trolling the 30 to 50 foot waters of Wilby Shoals and hooking Coho and Springs on a mere 35’ of downrigger cable. Russ Lim recently turned back time by jigging up a live herring and hooking his limit of Chinook using just 3 ounces of weight. You can certainly say this about Campbell River’s August fishing, “There are plenty of options”.

Until next week, tight lines and keep on fishing."

Dwayne Mustard- Head Guide