Painter's Lodge - Campbell River, British Columbia, V9W 4S5, Canada

Another Successful Fishing Trip at Painter's Lodge

July 21, 2014

Do you remember Travis Fleming’s last fishing trip? Well, Travis had so much fun fishing at Painter’s Lodge back in June he decided to head out again to see what else he could reel in. Keep reading to find out how he did!

I was in Campbell River this weekend visiting my parents, as well as my cousin and his fiancée who also happened to be in town. My cousin’s fiancée had never been salmon fishing before, so my brother and I decided to take her and my cousin out so she’d have a chance to get her first salmon.

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The four of us hopped on a cruiser (1 of 4 Painter’s Lodge has available) early Saturday morning with our guide Keith and took off towards the Green Can, where most of the action has been taking place. We got our lines in the water and then waited patiently for the first bite. Keith watched the rods like a hawk while we talked amongst ourselves. It’s amazing how he can keep one eye on you and one eye on the rods at the same time. It wasn’t long before he leapt out of his chair, grabbed one of the rods and set the hook.

We gave Carine the first crack at reeling in a fish, as we really wanted her to get her first salmon. She did a great job of getting it to the boat but unfortunately it was a little undersized.

“Not up to our standards,” Keith said as he tossed the young Chinook back into the water.

Our next bite was also an undersized Chinook. Then suddenly Keith leapt out of chair again and grabbed the rod. It was my cousin’s turn this time and you could tell the way this fish was fighting that it was a keeper. My brother went about reeling in the other line to make sure the lines didn’t get tangled. Then all of a sudden he felt a tug on his line as well.

“I think there’s something on this line too!” he exclaimed. He’d hooked a fish on the way up and all of a sudden we had double header!

Keith did a great job of making sure the lines didn’t get crossed and helped us get both fish to the boat. The first was beautiful Chinook salmon, then my brother got his fish to the boat which turned out to be a pretty good sized wild Coho. After a few high fives we got our lines back in the water and waited for the next bite.

When we got another fish on the line we handed the rod to Carine again to give her another shot at reeling in a salmon. Once again she got the fish to the boat, and this time it was a nice Coho. Definitely a keeper!

We caught yet another Coho before the day was done, bringing our total to four. We celebrated our successful day of fishing by cooking a couple of our Coho on the BBQ that night. Few things taste better than fresh salmon right off the grill. For those of you who will be staying at the resort and want to eat your fish the day you catch it, our amazing chefs will be happy to cook it for you in Legends Dining Room. Just ask our Marine Centre staff about our “Cook Your Own Catch” program after your fishing trip!

The fishing continues to be awesome in Campbell River this year, so make sure to get out on the water before it’s too late. Maybe I’ll see you out there during my next trip!