Dock Talk

Amazing wonders at Painter's Lodge

Painter's Lodge - August 29, 2002

There are so many fish in the waters of the Discovery Passage that even the whales are getting in the act. Several guests fishing at Ripple Point reported a number of whales entering the area, pushing salmon on to the rocky bluff and enjoying a nice meal. When the whales left the area, a guest noticed what he thought was a sockeye still on the rocks. They motored over to pick up the fish and it was a 31 lb. Chinook Not a bad way to catch a Tyee!

Another guest reported an amazing feat. While fishing in the inlet, a sockeye literally jumped over the rails of the Boston Whaler and landed at the feet of the guests. The fish are so thick in the area, that all he had to do was stand around to catch fish! There is still plenty of fish in these, so call now to book your fishing tide!