Dock Talk

A Typically Sweet Wednesday

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - July 25, 2012

This morning our zodiac guide, Ed, and his Whale Watch Tour passengers embarked on what would be an extremely successful trip; so successful that they would extend the already 5.5 hour tour by 30 minutes. The A30, A36 and A11 matrilines were all seen at Naka Creek headed eastbound past Adam and Eve River.  All three families gathered together at one point making for a pretty incredible sight. Hopefully they appear in the Campbell River area soon.

To learn more about killer whales (orcas) of the Northern Community you can visit this informative website.

Two Tyees were caught by Painter’s Lodge guests today (31.8 and 32 lbs.), which only reinforces my next point. Fishing is hot and it’s only going to get better. In just one week our hottest derby of the year will begin. The August Heat Derby runs all month long and there is no need to sign up as whoever goes fishing is entered. Whether one stays at April Point or Painter’s Lodge, we have some great prizes in store for our anglers. 

A few anglers have hooked into fish in the Tyee Pool but no Club regulation fish have been caught yet. That's quite normal for this time of year although August is whole different story. So much to still look forward to this season! 

See you in a few,