Dock Talk

A Fundraiser

Painter's Lodge - May 20, 2011

Last night in the Tyee Pub we hosted a Breast Cancer Fundraiser for a very special lady. Deane has been with the Oak Bay Marine Group for almost 20 years!  She is a happy, energetic woman. I have watched Deane serve 10 tables and bartend all by herself and keep cool, calm and collected. She works hard and it shows, so last night it was our turn to give back to her. Kelsey A, who works with Deane, organized this amazing event.
Kelsey spent her own time and effort collecting gifts and prizes for the event donated by local businesses. She even got John Reynolds to donate his time and he put on a great show!
The grand Prizes: Josh Taylor won a mini ATV from Sleeman’s Brewery and Chris Chambers, a 2 night’s stay at Painter’s lodge including a 4 hour fishing trip and a 3 hour wildlife tour.
With all draws, 50/50 tickets and donations we raised almost $6,000! It’s amazing what people can do when they get together to help out a friend. 
~ Caylin