Dock Talk

2 Tyees in 1 Day

Painter's Lodge - July 23, 2010

KD Briand and Terry Bateman had one of the best tides yet this year. Terry caught a 25 pounder and the 6th Tyee to hit the dock this summer; weighing in at 31 lbs. “It was a screamer” says their fishing guide Richard. KD caught a 25 & 16 pound chinook. To add to the excitement of a Tyee these guys reeled in 90 lbs of chinook in 4 hours this morning. Richard says “it was the best tide in 19 years of fishing at Painter’s Lodge”.
Of course I was at my desk working when I heard the horn and scrambled down to the dock ASAP. The story gets better about an hour and a half later I’m on the dock waiting for the water taxi and Russ another of our senior guides tells me I better hang around and get some pictures. That usually means they got a big one. Max, 11 years old, was very happy to point out that his fish was the bigger one. When the fish was weighed in at 31 lbs. we told Max he caught a Tyee. Max’s response was, “What does that mean?”
That means you caught a fish over 30 pounds and you get to blow the Tyee horn.
He was very happy to blow the horn and get his picture taken with his trophy.
~ Caylin