Dock Talk

... and the Chums Keep Coming

Painter's Lodge - October 6, 2011

The Chum Derby has lots of entries coming in. Jennifer McRae won the largest fish of the day…TWICE! She caught a 9.2 and a 10.1 pound Chum. 
Robin Decock and Goop Thysse limited out with Bruce Aikman up at Green sea Bay this morning. The fish were hitting later this morning so half the boats stayed out later to catch more fish. This worked out for Chris Duke whom also got his limit after 5 hours of fishing.
Today’s largest fish was caught by John Clavin with a 12.8 lbs. chum. Neil Janssen is still in the lead with his 12.9lbs chum.
The St. Jeans bin has been full since the end of October. Most guests chose to have their Chum smoked. It`s an excellent way to enjoy this species of salmon.
Learn more about St. Jeans at
There are only 4 more days in the Octoberfish Derby so get out there; you could win some great prizes and have the time of your life at the same time. 
~ Caylin